About Us

In recent years, globalization and increased competition among bulk fabric distributors has led to many changes in the fabric design industry that has forced many distributors and bulk fabric suppliers to shut their doors. Yet, despite these challenges, the team at EZ Fabric has managed to thrive and grow our base - thanks in large part to the positive word of mouth of our many loyal customers.

Since 1996, the team at EZ Fabric has been dedicated to providing wholesale fabric distributors with high quality fabric, apparel and furnishings that simplify and beautify the lives of their clientele. In that time, we've garnered a name for ourselves as the number one choice for wholesale Minky fabric, prints, faux fur and much more. 

Minky is a type of fabric that is renowned for its luxurious feel and silky texture. as the name implies, it resembles the feel of real mink. At EZ Fabric, you'll find Minky fabrics in a variety of colors and designs including baby apparel, quilts robes, handbags, throws for adults and children - and much more.

At EZ Fabric, we believe that when it comes to fabric design, the possibilities are endless - a philosophy that is on full display through our extensive library of prints that suit any taste. Whether your customers are seeking out the latest seasonal fashions, exotic styles or timeless, simple colors and prints, you'll find precisely what you need in our extensive catalogue.

While the top quality of our fabrics has allowed us to become a renowned name among bulk fabric distributors, it is also our top-quality customer service that has allowed us to build a loyal base. With EZ Fabric, customers and businesses always know they'll find a team that is eager to assist with any questions or concerns that may come up. Our dedication is made entirely evident through our generous bulk discount options, special buys and exclusive products offered for key accounts.

At EZ Fabric, we service retail fabric stores, designers, manufacturing companies and many more industries from all walks of life. While we're based in the bustling heart of downtown L.A, we serve clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe with Business to Business sales. Over the years, our commitment to offering better and fresh designs, competitive pricing and friendly, courteous staff has allowed us to consistently stand apart from competing wholesale fabric distributors - even amidst the world famous designers in Los Angeles.

If you'd like to see for yourself the best fabric wholesale in Los Angeles, we encourage you to stop by our office show room at 2016 E. 15th ST., Los Angeles, CA 90021. Our top-quality fabrics can also be seen at most major fabric shows and online, so no matter where your business is located, you can find truly first rate fabrics and prints for apparel and furnishings with EZ Fabric.